Using Patterns in Photoshop

By: Tais Santos - Category: Design

Patterns are great to add a bit of visual interest to any design. I like to use it a lot in web design. Patterns can help set the mood easily, be it playful or all business and also give an impression of a tangible texture.

There are many ways of applying patterns in Photoshop. For example, you can use the pattern stamp, fill layer, etc.

To create a pattern in Photoshop is as simple as selecting part of a photo with the pattern you like and going to: edit menu> define pattern. You can also load patterns that other designers have created. On every pattern panel on Photoshop, there is a drop down menu where you can find the option "load pattern". You only need to select the file you downloaded and all those patterns will be available to you. There are many free patterns ready to use on this website.

Kailin, 25-07-11 13:20

Going to put this arctile to good use now.

Leatrice, 13-07-11 21:14

Unbelievable how well-wtrietn and informative this was.

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