The idea of a web development company founded on ethical and social values first came to mind in 2005 when Dominik had a dream: "I was developing fair trade software with a young team of developers in a developing country. It was a business model where we generated enough revenue to provide education, training and social benefits to the less privileged. A win-win-win model between outsourcing provider, web company and end client; maximizing quality, social impact and sustainability".

It was years later that his dream came to fruition with the establishment of Web Essentials in early 2010. Today, Web Essentials stands as a maturing company with 60 employees. As the only company of its kind in Cambodia, we provide a selection of high quality web services to our clients both locally and abroad with the added bonus of being a socially conscious company.

Whether it’s for the TYPO3 community or an end client, we work hard to make a positive impact for the communities in which we interact.

Here’s more info about who we are and why we do what we do.