Contributors from many countries helped to improve and shape Web Essentials. From Cambodia, Switzerland, Germany, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Nigeria and Singapore they have come - sharing their knowledge and expertise, volunteering, training and helping to pave the way for where we are now. We want to acknowledge their valuable input and contribution to Web Essentials. 

Over the years there have been many Milestones that are a testament of what we can achieve together.


  • 2000:  One man has a dream
  • 2010:  Founded as a for profit, non-dividend scheme to provide sustainability and impact
  • 2010:  Silver Membership in TYPO3 since 2010
  • 2010:  TYPO3 Translation into Khmer completed     
  • 2010:  First Khmer TYPO3 User Group Meeting (KTUG)     
  • 2011:  First 2 Cambodians to become certified TYPO3 Integrators, at Developer Days in Switzerland     
  • 2011:  9 staff members participated at FOSSASIA (Free and Open Source Software) in Vietnam     
  • 2012:  T3CON12 Asia, first TYPO3 conference in Asia with more than 20 international speakers including TYPO3 founder Kasper Skårhøj.
  • 2012:  Founding of Quality Department
  • 2013:  First SCRUM Master, certified in Switzerland     
  • 2014:  Web Essentials provides organizational support and speakers for the FOSSASIA conference (Free and Open Source Software) in Cambodia     
  • 2014: 46 employees, from Cambodia, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Nigeria
  • 2014: 30% ratio of women to men in our development teams and overall in the company
  • 2014: 200+ projects provided by 124 Clients from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, USA and Cambodia. Many have had multiple projects with us and we have worked with one customer on more than 50 projects.
  • 2015: Continuous Deployment Pipeline expertise with the assistance of a 1 year commitment from an industry expert.
  • 2015: T3CON15 Asia, second TYPO3 conference in Asia with more than 20 international speakers on topics as Agile, TYPO3, Neos CMS and more.
  • 2016: 61 employees, from Cambodia, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Finland & Belgium.
  • 2016: 200+ projects from 125 clients from:

TYPO3 Commitment

  • Silver Member since 2010
  • Presentations at TYPO3 Conferences include:
    • Outsourcing and CSR - 2010 Dallas Texas, USA
    • Agile Estimating - 2011 Frankfurt, Germany
    • Inspired to Share, A Personal Journey -T3CON14DE Berlin, Germany
    • Agile Always Everywhere -T3CON14DE Berlin, Germany
    • Sourcing TYPO3 Skills Trends for 2015  -T3CON14DE Berlin, Germany
    • 10 Golden Features of a Business Website - T3CONASIA Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    • Agile Estimating - T3CONASIA Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • The first TYPO3 conference in Asia T3CON12 ASIA was organized and hosted by Web Essentials in Phnom Penh
  • We have a Neos Core developer who was at the June 2014 Neos Code Sprint in NL and also at the September Neos Code Sprint in DE
  • We have 8 TYPO3 Certified Integrators
  • Dominik Stankowski elected to the TYPO3 Executive Advisory Board in 2014
  • Dominik Stankowski re-elected to the TYPO3 Executive Advisory Board in 2016