Social Business

Web Essentials is bridging the gap. 

The major economic challenge for Cambodia over the next decade will be developing an economic environment where the private sector can create enough jobs to handle a startling demographic:

  • 50% of the population in Cambodia is less than 25 years old.

35 years ago Cambodia was engaged in a genocide perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge. 
The effects of these atrocities can be seen in the poverty and corruption within the society on a daily basis:

  • 19% of Cambodians still live on less than USD $1.25/day [8UNICEF
  • The minimum wage in the garment industry (80% of exports) is USD $100/month [9]
  • #2 most corrupt country in Asia, behind North Korea [9

Despite these atrocities, the country has seen drastic improvements in the last decade with over 6% GPD growth. However, there is still a big skills gap in terms of what knowledge students graduate with. 

This is where Web Essentials steps in. Web Essentials is bridging this gap: Creating jobs, helping to develop the country’s technology and presenting an ethical economic and personal model. 

Part of our mission is to develop and train highly qualified web developers by working with partner companies in Europe and elsewhere.

These projects allow our staff to work on things that don't even exist in Cambodia on a large scale yet, such as e-commerce, payment gateways and more.

As a social business we are committed to using the profits of the company to expand the company’s reach, provide more employment opportunities, improve our services or in other ways further our social mission. 

Though profit-driven we do not issue any dividends to the owners of the company.

Web Essentials makes it a priority to create a professional and challenging environment for Cambodian students and graduates.

We have purposely chosen a business model that generates tax income for the government. 
Strict transparency and Christian ethics in all our working practices are evident in our commitment to combat corruption. 
We hope to inspire other companies and individuals in Cambodia to step up and become change-agents themselves.

As a social business, we are committed to investing in our people. 
Through regular training, professional development, certification and mentoring; we continuously improve proficiency levels.  
Also, our open and spacious office is equipped with many resources that allow our people to learn, work, communicate and relax together.

Social Impact

We are investing in our people in ways that generate positive social impact. 

We provide:

  • English & Khmer language training
  • Access to medical care for our employees’ families
  • Schooling for our employees’ children
  • We give a percentage of our profits back to the community
  • Internship programs
  • Skills certification with training courses in Switzerland, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Weekly skills training from our Management Team

Our employees are not the only stakeholders. Our customers contribute directly to the success of the business. We care about our customers and they care about us.

We are working together towards a win-win-win business relationship between outsourcing provider, web company and end-client; maximizing quality, social impact and sustainability.

It is this collective energy, talent and cooperation that drives Web Essentials to become more than a sum of its parts.