Using the Agile methodology, our Scrum Teams work in sprints where their single-minded focus is your product.

The Web Essentials Scrum Teams have Flow and Neos and TYPO3 expertise, and are committed to transparently working with our clients throughout the development process.

This makes us your go-to web development partner to take your product from idea to implementation.

Getting Products Done

Scrum teams are unique because they are self-organizing, cross-functional teams. Because of this structure, each team member feels deeply invested in your project, ensuring the product continues to improve until it meets our high quality standards.

While the entire team is responsible for ensuring the product meets your needs, the Scrum Master oversees the work of each Scrum team, and the Product Owner works closely with you to guide the team toward building the right product for you.

Each Scrum team member at Web Essentials is experienced in TYPO3 technologies, and each team includes a Certified TYPO3 CMS Integrator, so you can be certain the Scrum team has the technical expertise to build you a responsive, functional and attractive website.

Group Photo of the entire Web Essentials team, sitting around a table.

Key Benefits

  • Team focuses only on your project
  • Knowledge and Skill sharing
  • Built in Quality
  • Great Value and a working Product after every sprint
  • Clear Product Requirements