Web & Email Hosting in the Cloud

You can trust the speed and security of Web Essentials Cloud Hosting.

Our decentralized infrastructure with one of the largest cloud hosting providers offers you a fast, stable, secure and scalable service unmatched by traditional hosting offerings.

As a Google Apps Reseller, we complement our hosting offer with the most advanced cloud email solution available today.

A state of the art server room.

Live-Monitoring of Web Services

With our auto failover measures, automated infrastructure setups, and live-monitoring of web application and server resources, you won't have to worry about downtime for your website or web application.

We use Amazon Web Services (Amazon Route 53) for the domains we host which consists of a distributed name server network with different locations around the world.

We manage and monitor hosting servers ourselves and have full control to proactively intervene when we are alerted.

For clients whose needs require it, we have a hosting option with servers located in Switzerland.