Web Applications

Custom Business Software in the Cloud

Have an idea for an app? Whether you are an entrepreneur with a great business idea or a large corporation with a process you want to automate, Web Essentials is an excellent partner to begin with a prototype.

With our iterative development process, you have full control over the budget and prioritization of features, so you don't have to worry about any surprise costs.

A four people team is discussing their project process.

Web Applications Built for the Enterprise

With the release of TYPO3 Flow, Web Essentials has begun web application development. It is fun to work with Flow and over the years we have become experts building complex, highly flexible products including an event management system that allows the user to fully customize event registration forms and manage any sort of events.

Not only is it fun to work with, but Flow's high abstraction levels result in apps with better-quality code and higher security.

There are many technologies that seamlessly integrate with Flow, such as the EEL condition language, which formalizes conditions on a high level rather than hardcoding them, and CouchDB, which serves as a database backend for flexible data models.