Call Management

A beautiful Cambodian landscape with fresh green ricepaddys, a blue sky, palm trees and a small house in the center.

Web Application for Call Management

FEBCambodia is a Christian radio ministry co-operating with partners to broadcast the Gospel of Jesus Christ through high-quality, culturally relevant programs which address the audience’s spiritual, emotional, social and practical needs and generate personal follow-up with listeners.

Running a (live) radio (program) station requires a lot of planning and a lot of organization, which requires a good management system. Existing radio station management software is expensive and was not tailored to what FEBCambodia required as a non-profit radio station. Web Essentials and FEBCambodia are working together on a solution to cover all aspects of the radio station workflow.

In the first phase, Web Essentials built a tracking tool where radio program moderators can record incoming inquiries, questions and comments. They can assign these records to a new or existing caller and to the program that is airing. With those data, FEBCambodia can generate reports to hand out to their stakeholders.

Business Benefits

  • FEBCambodia received a solution that matches their needs and that is extensible so that more features can be added.
  • FEB can now track the specific information required for management reporting.
  • This is now a tool they can use to manage the Cambodia radio station and are looking to roll this system out to other countries for consistent reporting across all their stations.

What We Did Technically

  • Just-In-Time status that displays the information of the person calling in to the program (with WebSocket).
  • Complex data of caller / radio programs and schedules, as well as call log reports, able to be exported to Excel.
  • Territories import from Cambodia database files.
  • Role management for Administrator, Program Host and Screener.
  • The application is built on Flow CMS, one of the most advanced PHP frameworks from the TYPO3 family.

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