KIME Event Management

Panorama photo of a large event in a sport stadium.

Web Application for Event Management

EYE Communications AG was looking for a partner to develop their prominent project, an event management system for Swisscom AG, which is a major telecommunications company in Switzerland.

This event management system must be highly flexible to assist the Swisscom event management team plan and manage their events, whether for small workshops or large conferences.

Business Benefits

  • As our direct client, EYE Communications benefited from our expertise in TYPO3 Flow and Agile project management, which provides continuous delivery and the opportunity for feedback at an early stage.
  • This was critical because Swisscom AG needed an early release of the product, with many requirements for later versions.
  • Furthermore, through our network in the TYPO3 community, we were able to consult with Neos/Flow core developers which made the solution cutting edge.

What We Did Technically

  • Web Essentials Development Team and Product Owner worked closely with the Project Manager of EYE Communications for the technical specifications.
  • The system was developed on Flow Framework and consists of technologies such as a document-based database (CouchDB) and a dynamic form generator.
  • The Web Essentials Infrastructure Team worked on the automate deployment and virtualization of the project‘s environment.
  • The system features a registration form builder allowing even administrators to customize event registration forms. It also provides a range of use cases to assist the event planning committee such a handling event planning milestones to provide a basis for decision making or to facilitate the formation of teams, and to provide information for reporting, among other functions.
  • Over time the system will be able to provide a level of intelligence based on historical data and users‘ interests.

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