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Event Management System KIME Increases Efficiency by 75%

Web Application for Event Management

      Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecom company, with headquarters in Bern and international activities throughout Europe. With over 21,000 employees, it generated a net revenue of CHF 11.6 billion in 2016.

      Swisscom’s different departments were using multiple systems to plan, manage and execute their events. Web Essentials built a single flexible system “KIME” that efficiently handles all aspects of complex event planning and management.

      What We Did Technically

        • The system was developed on Flow Framework and consists of technologies such as a document-based database (CouchDB) and a dynamic form generator.
        • The Web Essentials Infrastructure Team worked on the automate deployment and virtualization of the project‘s environment
        • The system features a registration form builder allowing event administrators to customize event registration forms.
        • Over time the system will be able to provide a level of intelligence based on historical data and users‘ interests.

        « In a professional world where everyone talks about simplicity, KIME IS simplicity. It is the first tool I look at in the morning and the last at night. It works with you to create the events exactly as you want them - no compromises or workarounds needed »

        Wolfgang Megert
        Swisscom AG

        Business Benefits
          • KIME has reduced the Events Management Team headcount by 75%. Event planning can now be overseen by 2 employees instead of 8, and ticket processing by 1 employee instead of 6.
          • Web Essentials skill in Agile project management enabled us to provide a functional early release of the product, to be continuously improved in further sprints.
          • KIME delivers multiple event management functions via one comprehensive backend which is easy to master after a short training
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