Meeting Management

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Web Application for Meeting Management

The German web agency mp group collaborated with Web Essentials on the production of a Meeting Management Tool for a leading global airline network. 

The client needed an easy to use web application for flexible and effective planning, organisation and management of worldwide events and meetings.

Through a smart, responsive, web based interface, event organizers were able to create and manage events, invite guests, manage schedules and more.

For invitees, the tool provides them with all essential information such as agenda, their hotel booking, their flight details and where dinner will be conducted.

Another interesting challenge was to make the tool available offline.

Business Benefits

  • Bringing people together for meetings in a global, decentralized organization is essential, but also creates a big administrative overhead. The client now has a custom solution to organize events on a global scale.
  • Participants receive invitations, updates and travel information instantly. This is especially important for schedule changes or when important information has to be distributed to participants.
  • Even better, having this tool available for external guests gives a great impression to the invitee. And with an offline version, a participant can browse through the meeting information even without Internet access.

What We Did Technically

  • To create a highly flexible product, Web Essentials chose FLOW Framework as the foundation. Every event looks different. Each event has multiple meetings. A meeting has an agenda and the ability to record meeting
    minutes. Web Essentials also had to consider different user levels: Event organizers, invitees, participants and guests.
  • Event administrators and invitees have separate interfaces to manage the events and so that participants can look up their event specific information.

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