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Neos CMS for Multi-Channel Publishing

Neos Heroes focuses on selling the superior content editing experience of Neos which is where the majority of costs are for a website. The sites are fully customizeable and beautiful with services designed to ensure a great long-term experience.

Web Essentials selected services and technologies that drove the cost down on beautiful, customizeable and easy to manage websites.

Business Benefits

  • Lower cost for smaller websites than building from scratch while maintaining high quality.
  • Easier support because the sites are built on a common architecture and approach.
  • An affordable option to the dilemma of: Upgrade TYPO3 CMS or go New with Neos?

What We Did Technically

  • We built a Neos CMS platform based on a specific template with many features that need to be optimized for each site using that template. We can set up a customizeable demo in 2 minutes!
  • We also built a Neos platform that has many common elements in a Styleguide, such as Contact Form, Table, Link, News, etc. for faster start up and development on different templates.
  • Using Neos, Docker, Grunt (Compass, Assemble), we pushed the boundaries of the possible.

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