Stonebriar Website

Image of the choir performing at the Stonebriar Community Church.

Case Study Stonebriar

Stonebriar Community Church is a non-denominational evangelical church in Frisco, Texas where more than 5000 people attend services every Sunday.

Stonebriar Community Church actively uses their TYPO3 CMS website as a tool for communication to the congregation and visitors. The website was required upgrading to the latest version of TYPO3 LTS.

The website is bilingual and has more than 1,300 content pages. Many of the extensions were not yet supported in the new TYPO3 LTS version, so required modification.

Business Benefits

  • Stonebriar Community Church needed an upgrade of their website to the latest TYPO3 LTS release. They now have a website built on up-to-date technology.
  • Peace of mind knowing to be supported for 3 years by the TYPO3 community. This is important to ensure the security of the website and their users.
  • The project was delivered using Agile SCRUM allowing the client to evaluate progress regularly and to provide feedback early.

What We Did Technically

  • Web Essentials did not build the Stonebriar Community Church website and so first had to analyze and understand its structure & extensions. Then Web Essentials and Stonebriar Community Church together decided which extensions should be upgraded, which should be re-written and which were not required anymore.
  • The upgrade had an impact on the style, which then had to be resolved and some in-house code which required re-factoring.
  • Other big challenges were the migration from DAM to FAL, the resource migration and the database migration from the old latin1 charset to utf8.
  • In a second step, Web Essentials also upgraded the Stonebriar Newsletter System to the new TYPO3 LTS version.

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